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People are often surprised to learn that many lawyers, even those who have practiced for some time, have never tried a case or tried very few. Real “trial lawyers” make up a relatively small percentage of the overall bar. Our legal system relies heavily on a settlement to resolve disputes. Still, it is crucial in your legal matter that you have attorneys who are prepared to act in your best interest, with the requisite real-world experience and know-how to see your case through to its conclusion, especially if that means litigating your case. Even if settlement is ultimately determined to be in your best interest, you are better served by attorneys who come to the table ready and willing to proceed to trial if necessary.

Kidd Corvey & Simpson was founded in Charleston in 2018 to fill the market’s need for a firm with quality experienced litigators, not simply law school graduates. The partners of Kidd Corvey & Simpson are “trial attorneys” by any definition and have the verifiable real-world experience to support that claim. Dedicated to helping those in their darkest hour, they will help get you the compensation you deserve following a personal injury. They will help guide you through the criminal justice system fighting for your rights and achieving the best results possible should you find yourself accused of a crime and they will help you navigate the turbulent waters of family court as you deal with divorce and child custody actions. With Kidd Corvey & Simpson on your side, you have a firm behind you ready to take your case to trial if necessary. With over 30 years of litigation experience between them, trying the most serious cases in Charleston County, there is no scenario for which they aren’t prepared. 

The unforgettably tragic events at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church, the shooting by a North Charleston police officer of a fleeing man, the abuse of Caitlyn the Dog and her inspiring recovery, the trial of NFL star David Meggett, the devastating murder of one of Charleston’s most beloved service industry icons – the partners of Kidd Corvey & Simpson have been professionally involved in many of the Lowcountry’s most compelling and important events of the last decades. Before trusting your most important matters to just any attorney, ask them about their real-world trial experience, and do not accept a vague response. Insurance companies and opposing counsel know the difference between a real trial attorney and a mere negotiator, you should too.

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