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A person’s worst mistake or a baseless accusation should not define them forever. With almost 30 years of combined prosecutorial experience, the partners of Kidd Corvey & Simpson law firm are dedicated to ensuring your darkest moment does not define you.

When facing the fear and anxiety of a criminal charge, be it a major felony or “minor” arrest with potentially devastating collateral consequences, you want real experience behind you.  The law firm of Kidd Corvey & Simpson brings more experience in criminal matters to the negotiating table than perhaps any other firm in Charleston.  You cannot trust a matter where the stakes are this high to just any attorney.  Before hiring a criminal law attorney to handle your criminal charges, or the criminal charges brought against someone you love, ask them about their real-world trial experience.  Then ask us the same.

If you are reading this section, then chances are that the criminal process against you has already begun. It is crucially important that you retain competent counsel now rather than later. The involvement of a good attorney as early as possible in your criminal matter can be the difference between a favorable resolution to your charges and more serious consequences.

Many important steps to the criminal process occur at the beginning of a case, such as:

  • Interviewing key witnesses while their memory is still fresh.
  • The setting and possible reconsideration of your bond and its conditions – an important process that could govern your life for the foreseeable future.
  • The review of all available evidence and independent collection of evidence that could be favorable to your case before it is destroyed or otherwise made unavailable.

Do not wait until your situation becomes more difficult to defend, call us today. From the most serious felonies to charges like DUI and other misdemeanors that can wreck your livelihood, Kidd Corvey & Simpson law firm has the skill and real courtroom experience you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to hire to a lawyer? Won’t the Government just understand if I explain to them my situation?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, it is absolutely essential that you obtain legal counsel. There is nothing more important in your life than your personal freedom, all other aspects of your life arise from that. While the costs of quality legal representation can be burdensome, it is far cheaper than a prison sentence or prolonged stay in pretrial detention.

But my charge doesn’t seem too serious, do I still need an attorney?

Even a charge that is unlikely to result in a prison sentence, likely comes with any number of collateral
consequences to your life that no one is going to explain to you without an attorney. Will you driving privileges be affected with a conviction? Will future employers learn about it? Can I get it off my record at some point? Will a conviction place me on a government register? All important consequences that a qualified criminal attorney will discuss with you.

What should I ask a potential attorney before hiring him or her to handle my criminal case?

Easy – ask them to tell you about their criminal trial experience. How many criminal jury trials have they handled? What type of cases? Trials are not always in the best interest of a person charged with a criminal offense, but it essential you have an attorney who knows how to try a criminal case. An experienced criminal trial attorney will know how best to resolve your case and not just take the first offer made by the government in order to avoid a fight, unless the offer is truly in your best interest.

Can’t I just explain my situation to the police and ask them to drop the charges?

Law enforcement is a competitive endeavor. Government officers are trained in many ways to illicit your statements, including convincing you that they are on your side and just to need to hear your side of the story before helping you out. Often though, they already know or think they know what happened and are merely trying to get you to implicate yourself further, even if you think the details they are asking about are insignificant. If having you talk to the  government is truly the best way to help you, an experienced criminal attorney will explain why once he or she has received and reviewed all the evidence and confidentially listened to your side of the story with your best interests in mind. To discuss your case with the government before then without an attorney is folly.

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