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Physical pain, loss of income you and your family need, diminished ability to enjoy your life and pursue your dreams – the results of a serious physical injury can be disastrous.  Which is why, when your injury was caused by the acts or negligence of another, the law recognizes your right to be made whole.  The problem for an injured party, however, is that there is already an army of lawyers behind the scenes paid to make sure that doesn’t happen for you.  That is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney, like the partners of Kidd Corvey & Simpson, LLC, on your side to see that you are treated the way you deserve.

A serious injury and the resulting loss of one’s ability to work and provide, the loss of a vehicle, or the resulting loss of a job, would be difficult for anyone. In today’s world, however, big insurance companies do not understand that what would simply be inconvenient for people like them is devastating and often downright catastrophic for people already living life like most of us, from paycheck to paycheck. A quick pay out for the blue book value of your car simply doesn’t cut it when another’s conduct has cost you your job, your ability to participate in your trade free from pain or discomfort, and a reliable vehicle to get you where you need to be.

Settlement is always a goal, but how a case is settled is often determined by your attorneys willingness and ability to see a case through to the end, which, in our system, means taking a case all the way to a jury trial. At Kidd Corvey & Simpson, LLC, our attorneys share nearly 30 years of real-world jury trial experience.

An internet search will lead you to any number of Charleston lawyers and law firms to handle your case, but be sure to ask any potential attorney about his or her actual real-world trial experience.  The answer may shock you.  A generalized “I’ve tried cases before” or “most cases don’t go to trial” should be a red flag.  While true that a trial may not be in your best interest in your specific case, you need attorneys who aren’t afraid to litigate your case if that is what is called for.  Insurance companies know the difference between a real trial attorney and a mere negotiator.  Make sure you do too. Come meet the attorneys of Kidd Corvey & Simpson, LLC, today and let us tell you about our experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to hire to a lawyer? Doesn’t the insurance company have to take care of me?

An Insurance Company can be more concerned with their bottom line than addressing all of your needs and making you whole. That being said, it may be the case that you do not need an attorney for every minor personal injury case. How can you tell if need one in your situation? Call us for a free consultation.

What should I do after I’ve been in an accident?

* Get information about the other driver or drivers involved in the accident, including names, vehicle identification numbers, license tag numbers, contact information for other drivers, and insurance information.
* Secure good contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident. This can be critical. People are often far more willing to help in the aftermath of an accident than weeks or months later.
* Collect as much photographic evidence of the incident as you can safely obtain depending on your physical condition and the condition of the area.
* Obtain a copy of the police report and record the names of any officers who respond.
* Note the surrounding details about the accident location, weather, traffic, road conditions, etc.
* Call Kidd Corvey & Simpson for a free consultation as soon as you can safely do so.

What questions should I ask when deciding if an attorney is right for me?

* Ask specifically about the attorney’s background and experience, particularly jury trial experience. Your case may not ever require a trial, but you want an attorney who can handle your case until the end.
* Ask about the attorney’s accessibility. Are you going to be able to talk to him or her directly or will you
mostly just be interacting with staff.

If I’ve been in accident or injured, how can I possibly afford to hire an attorney?

Most personal injury cases are handled by an attorney on a contingency fee. That means that the attorney requires no out of pocket money from you to begin working on your case. You and the attorney will agree to a percentage of your final recovery which will go, when and if recovered, to pay for your attorney’s bill.

What if the person who was at fault in my accident did not have insurance or fled the scene before they could be identified?

This does not mean that you are out of luck. Whether you know it or not, you likely have insurance coverage just for this situation, but things can get complicated for a person who is not experienced in insurance law. In this situation, it is even more important that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

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