Kidd Corvey & Simpson File Lawsuit Against Petland Summerville

A group of consumers filed a lawsuit in the Dorchester County Court of Common Pleas against the owners of the local pet store Petland Summerville, along with its franchisor, the international pet store chain Petland Inc. The complaint alleges that the defendants violated South Carolina consumer protection laws by knowingly and fraudulently selling sick puppies

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Five Things to do During an Arrest

Do not give a statement to the police There will be temptation on your part to try and talk your way out of an arrest. It is important to understand that the police want you to discuss the case. They want to get you talking and they will document and/or record everything you say. It

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Rule 68, SCRCP: Offers of Judgment

Commonly viewed as a cost-shifting tool for Defendants, Offers of Judgment can be valuable settlement tools for Plaintiffs as well.             Under-utilized by both sides, the use of Rule 68, SCRCP, Offers of Judgment is nevertheless often seen only as a Defense tactic, providing them a cost-shifting tool as leverage to settle cases.  The filing

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Can you be Terminated Based on Sexual Orientation?

It may be surprising to many, but it remains unclear whether the Civil Rights Act protects discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.             Enacted in 1964, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applies to any employer who has fifteen or more employees and is engaged in an industry affecting commerce (i.e. almost any

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